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The Duo formed by the Argentine flutist Lorena Barile and the French pianist Laurence Verna, It is characterized by its search and great interest to publicize important works, that you are editing or writing today, such is the case of the French composer Mélanie Bonis (1858-1937), the English composer Mike Mower (1958), by Russian composer Sofía Gubaidulina (1931), the Spanish composer Antón García Abril (1933), by Argentine composer Alicia Terzian (1934), to name a few of the names that are already making history.

It should be noted that both the flutist Lorena Barile, as the pianist Laurence Verna made of your instrument his honor to life and thus reflect it in their interpretations.

Both with a brilliant track record, enjoying studying an instrument from very small, that you have always wanted to refine with grandmasters at the international level and not forgetting the teaching part, so important to their careers.

Their constant aim to improve made them take classes with the best international masters, not to omit their teaching role as well, which has always been so important for their professional careers.

Recently, It should be noted his performance in Expoclasica in Madrid as members of the Trio Soare, concert sponsored by the Association of women in music, with a full programme of women composers.

Likewise, the Duo has just to be invited to participate in the program "Studio 206" of classical Radio of Spain.

The duo BARILE-VERNA gives sound to works by women and men who have wanted to communicate through the flute, the piccolo and piano.

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